Brad Burleson

Graphic Designer

I like to make things. All kinds of things, out of all types of materials. I have over 10 years of experience working in all aspects of the industry: traditional print design (including catalog and large document layout), packaging design, web design, social media content creation, product photography, brand development, and beyond. My skill set is broad. I am driven by curiosity and continually hone my craft to learn new techniques which I can add to my quiver.

I embrace clean design. Reid Miles work with Blue Note Records is full of win in my book. I love all things Postmodern or BauHaus. The idea that art is not limited to traditional materials, but crosses over into industry and craft, resonates deeply with me.

Besides making things pretty I also enjoy: being outside with my family, working on strange foreign cars, skateboarding, screen printing, serious home DIY, building things in my shop, and playing various acoustic and electric string instruments (albeit badly).

Thanks for stopping by.

Technical Skills

Transferable & Adaptive Skills


Production Artist & Graphic Designer

Active Interest Media
Boulder, CO
August 2016 - Present

Active Interest Media is a magazine publisher of lifestyle publications located in Boulder, CO. Their catalog of over 30 publications includes award-winning magazines like Climbing, Backpacker, Ski, Yoga Journal, American Cowboy, Healthy Eating, and many more.

My responsibilities include color correction, pre-flighting materials provided by advertisers, final-assembly and pre-flight of publications to ensure they conform with accepted formats for press, converting print materials for proper display on a variety of e-reading devices and different web services. and creating back of book advertising for both print and online publications.

Responsibilities & Experience Overview:

  • Advanced Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign skills
  • Advanced Adobe Acrobat Pro / Pitstop skills
  • Ability to efficiently manage multiple, ongoing projects with minimum oversight
  • Work efficiently under high-pressure with tight deadlines
  • Advanced knowledge of print process and how it translates to a digital format
  • Ability to consistantly meet multiple weekly and monthly hard deadlines

Graphic Designer/
Product Photographer

AFG Distribution
Asheville, NC
March 2014 - May 2016

AFG Distribution is a one-stop alternative wholesaler. They carry over 8,000 products and distribute across the globe. These products are mostly alternative and adult gifts, music and pop-culture memorabilia, and smoke-shop products. They also manufacture and sell their own branded lines of vaporizers and glass smoking accessories (Pulsar), e-cigarettes and e-liquids (Buck Naked), silicon cooking products (Herbal Chef), grinders (Grindhouse), hookah shisha (Shakra), and high quality carved wooden tobacco pipes (Shire).

My responsibilities included all product photography, designing four email blasts each week which highlighted new products and sales on existing products, producing direct mail advertising, helping to produce our annual catalog containing over 6,000 products, as well as a catalog supplement called The AFG Insider which we produced five times a year in a magazine format. The AFG Insider is 100-125 pages and highlights new products and best sellers.

As product photographer I was responsible for making sure all products we carried had high-quality photographs. AFG averages about 500 new SKU's per quarter. The ability to take detailed photographs, then edit them with speed and efficiency was paramount.

To support the sales team in their efforts, I took the initiative to create and maintain a Dropbox folder to make it easier for AFG account managers to share photographs of branded products with their wholesale customers. In this way they could easily get high-quality images of AFG products for use on their websites or in print.

In addition, I created a unified product archive in which all product photos were stored. This archive contained every product photo organized in folders by product SKU. Until I began in this position there was no "go to" repository for company assets. The availability of a central and well organized asset repository increased productivity within the entire graphics department.

See more at the websites for Pulsar Vaporizers, Buck Naked e-Cigarettes, Herbal Chef and AFG Distribution

Responsibilities & Experience Overview:

  • Advanced Photoshop skills
  • Advanced Indesign skills
  • Ability to efficiently manage multiple ongoing projects with minimum oversight
  • Ability to always meet multiple weekly hard deadlines
  • Work well under pressure
  • Saw where process improvements could be made to increase efficiency, and took initiative to make those changes
  • Oversaw complete photo equipment overhaul to improve overall quality of our photographs

Lead Designer

Hub Industries Design Studio
Asheville, NC
January 2006 - Present
Full Time from May 2012 - February 2014

I founded Hub Industries (formerly Divergent Design) while living in Colorado in 2006. It serves as a vehicle for my personal creative output. Over the years I have worked with a diverse array of clients creating logos, print advertising, brochures, catalogs, business cards, event posters, letterhead, annual reports, and other collateral materials. I have also created larger promotional projects like billboards, banners, and tradeshow pop-ups.

I build websites using both the Joomla & Wordpress CMS platforms. I have experience in domain management, setting up mySQL databases, and using cPanel for email address creation, site backup, etc. I also create a variety of screen printed products from my in-house 6-color screen printing press. This includes making the separations, creating screens, registering the press, and printing the product.

Responsibilities & Experience Overview:

  • Working on a diverse array of jobs across many mediums, from print, to web, to audio recording, to screen printing
  • Regularly use many applications of the Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Dreamweaver, Sound Booth, Bridge)
  • Well versed in both the Wordpress and Joomla CMS platforms
  • Set-up and management of domain names and mySQL databases
  • Continually update skills to stay abreast of current technology
  • Manage the day-to-day operation of a small business
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple ongoing projects
  • Meet with clients to determine scope of job, and then find the best solution for their budget

Marketing Manager/
Graphic Designer/
Online Retail Operations Manager

MBM Brakes, Steering & Suspension
Asheville, NC
October 2008 - April 2012

I was in charge of all marketing and design duties relating to both MBM (wholesale) and Pirate Jack (the online retail arm of MBM). These duties included: national advertising campaigns (utilizing print, web and TV), developing dealer packets, packaging and POP materials, catalogs, stickers, banners, trade show materials, direct mail campaigns, and much more. I was responsible for MBM and Pirate Jack's "Voice", creating all copy for printed and web materials.

I made all decisions regarding web development for MBM / Pirate Jack, and designed both company sites using the Joomla CMS platform. The Pirate Jack site also contained a fully operational retail store selling hundreds of parts around the world. I also implemented Google Ad Words programs and measured effectiveness using Google Analytics.

My duties also included: basic IT Support for the entire company (25 employees), server maintenance, deploying new computers and other hardware, and making sure all software was up-to-date.

With the help of the Operations Manager, I developed instruction manuals for new products. I often reached out local hot rod shops to develop these step-by-step instructions along with pictures. I would then lay them out and prepare them for print. These types of instruction manuals were included with all of our products and averaged between 5 and 10 pages each.

During my time at MBM, I consistently sought ways to increase company growth by asking for and welcoming new responsibilities. One of these was redesigning the dated looking packaging for MBM's core products. I created a theme based on the company existing brand color (blue) and included mechanical drawings of the component that the package was for. In addition I also made the decision to use a matte finish for the packaging rather than glossy. This reduced smudging and fingerprints on the packaging. You can see examples of this packaging in my portfolio.

Another project I took responsibility for was the management of the Pirate Jack retail operation, which included the online store and our eBay auctions. I saw where improvements could be made by significantly growing our eBay component, implemented the changes and turned the operation around. Under my direction Pirate Jack went from losing money to making a profit. They have continued to build upon the business model I created, focusing heavily on eBay and steadily growing name recognition and profit.

Responsibilities & Experience Overview:

  • Managed all aspects of marketing and branding for both MBM and Pirate Jack
  • Regularly used many applications of the Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Dreamweaver, Sound Booth, Bridge)
  • Created and maintained websites using Joomla CMS platform
  • Oversaw upgrade of company computers and other hardware
  • Created all sales support materials: including new product sell sheets, trade show materials, catalogs, and more
  • Managed the day-to-day operation of online retail business
  • Managed employees
  • Utilized effective time management and multi-tasking

Graphic Designer/
Production Artist

Winterberry Press
Asheville, NC
October 2006 - August 2008

Winterberry Press created materials relating to early education for children as well as research materials to help educators. I was responsible for design and layout of these materials. This included creating artwork which helped to illustrate the basic ideas of the material in a manner which was easier for younger children to understand.

Duties also included typography, first level copy editing, and preparing the materials to go to final editing. I also was responsible for typesetting & layout of large monographs and textbooks. This provided me with lots of experience using object, paragraph, and character styles in Indesign. It was also my responsibility to make sure all materials were properly prepared to go to print.

In addition I helped with the creation of identity and promotional materials for Winterberry Press.

Responsibilities & Experience Overview:

  • Advanced Indesign skills
  • Advanced Photoshop skills
  • Was trusted to work independently on large projects with little oversight
  • Creation of a wide range of printed materials including large textbooks
  • First level copy editing
  • Utilized effective time management




  • AIMS Community College

    Greeley, CO

    Graphic Design/Prepress Certification
    Continuing education to stay up to date on the latest software & methods.
    Honors: President’s List
  • Appalachian State University

    Boone, NC

    Industrial Design
    History Minor
    Honors: Dean's List

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